Get Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) (GET)

Retrieve list of tabs for a vehicle.,category2&op=op


URL Parameters

Field Type Notes
vehicleID string Required. The vehicleID to pull TSBs for.
category string Optional. Separate by commas. The vehicleID to pull TSBs for.
op string Optional. The operation to use if multiple categories are passed through.
or – (default) Will respond with TSBs that have any of the categories passed in.
and – Will only respond with TSBs that contain all of the categories passed in.


"message": {
"code": 0,
"message": "OK",
"credentials": "Valid",
"version": "v2.0.0",
"account": "Free",
"method": "Get Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)",
"action": "GET",
"counter": 257
"data": [],
"pagination": {
"pageSize": 0,
"currentPage": 0,
"itemCount": 0,
"totalPage": 0
Field Type Notes
message Message
data list<TSB> A list of TSBs for that vehicle.

Message object

Field Type Notes
code string Message code.
message string Ok or Failed.
credentials string Valid or Invalid.
version string v2.0.0
account string Free or Premium
method string Name of the API called
action string returns a GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
counter integer Counter for this request. Increments by one for every request made. This is only important for free users who have a limited number of API requests.

TSB object

Field Type Notes
tsbID string ID of this TSB
description string Description of the TSB
fileName string
fileURL string
manufacturer string
issueDate DateTime
createdDate DateTime
updatedDate DateTime
text string
system string
subSystem string
autoSystem string
dtcCodes list<string> DTC Codes associated with this TSB.
categories list<string> Categories this TSB falls under.

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vinhnGet Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)