Getting Started


This tutorial is the first one you should read if you’re using CarMD SaaS APIs for the first time. It will go over how to add a vehicle to the system.

Getting Access

To begin, our SaaS APIs require a key and a token. If you don’t have these yet, please complete your registration to receive them.

Your first test request

Using the key and token setup your request header:

Content-Type: application/json
authorization: Basic VXNlcm5hbWUthisisyourauthkey6UGFzc3dvcmQ=
partner-token: 545d3d2217d0thisisyourpartnertoken650e34e43088

Make sure your headers are setup correctly by sending a Get request to this endpoint:

If response.status_code == 200 then your request process is setup correctly. More info on this endpoint.

Demo Fleet

In the free trial version of our service, your account has been pre-populated with several vehicles. A demo organization (Demo_Org) was created to support a single fleet (Demo_Fleet) with four vehicles. While it is possible to add new vehicles, any new vehicles will not have access to our services until the account has been upgraded.

These four vehicles have real diagnostic, fix, maintenance, and predicted failure information.

To get access to these vehicles you must first:

GET Vehicle


vehicle_list = response['data']

From this data you will be able to view the details of each vehicle such as VIN, VehicleID, Mileage, etc.



CarMD allows you to create a custom org structure. If you’re building a simple app for a consumer and their vehicles. You will only need the top level org.

If you’re building a platform that allows several different fleets and subfleets that may be managed by different people, then Organization can be used to mimic fleet/subfleet hierarchy to ease backend management.


Fleets are groups of vehicles with a single administrator or owner. If you’re building a consumer product, the Fleet becomes that person’s garage of personal vehicles.

Create distinct fleets between each of your customers rather than stick all vehicles into a single fleet. Several admin and reporting and features operate only at the fleet level.


Features Overview (Recommended)(Service is available, tutorial coming soon) Describing the various services.
Creating your own fleet A short tutorial demonstrating how to add vehicles, fleets, and organization.

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