Creating your own fleets


In the free trial version of our service, you will be able to create your own Organization and Fleet and add vehicles. However, newly added vehicles will not have access to our features. To turn on features for these vehicles, please upgrade your account.

Add Organization

Fleets can only exist below an organization. So here’s how to create an organization.

POST Add Organization

payload['orgParentID']	=	""
payload['name'] = 'nameofyourchoosing'


// success!
response['message']['code'] == 0
// need this to set up a fleet
orgID = response['data']['orgID']

Add Fleet

Vehicles can only be added to fleets, so here’s how to add a fleet:

POST Add Fleet

payload['orgID']		= 	orgID
payload['name'] = 'nameofyourfleethere'
payload['email'] = ''
payload['customID'] = 'customIDinyoursystem'


// success!
response['message']['code'] == 0
// need this to set up a vehicle
fleetID = response['data']['fleetID']

Add Vehicle

POST Add Vehicle

payload['fleetID']		= 	fleetID
payload['vin'] = 'vehicleVIN'
payload['mileage'] = 99


// success!
response['message']['code'] == 0
// need this to access features
vehicleID = response['data']['vehicleID]

If Add Vehicle has resulted in a message code of 0 (zero), then you’ve just finished setting up your first vehicle. Congrats!

Making sure vehicle has access to services

By default, when a vehicle is added to our services, it will automatically be active and accessing our services UNLESS:

  • You are still in your free trial period, please upgrade to add and activate other vehicles
  • You are exceeding the # of allowed vehicles on your account. An upgrade is required to increase your allowed amount.

To determine if an added vehicle has access to our services:

GET Vehicle

response['data']['active'] == True

If True, then that vehicle will be able to access any of our services. If False, then that vehicle will not have access to those services. Attempting to request service data on this vehicle will result in status_code 500.


Features Overview (Recommended)(Service is available, tutorial coming soon) Describing the various services.

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